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Shark Diving & Snorkeling in Jupiter, FLORIDA

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The East Coast of Florida's concentration of a variety of shark species makes it an ideal location to possilby see the following sharks... Tiger, Bull, Lemon, Dusky, Silky, Reef, Sandbar, Nurse, Blacktip, Great Hammerhead, Scalloped Hammerhead and Maybe More.

Our trips take place in the deep waters on the edge of the Gulf Stream 3 or more miles away from shore. The waters on our dive sites are perfect for diving with water visibility consistently ranging from 40′ – 100′ and water temps ranging from the low to mid-70’s in the winter to mid-80’s in the summer time.

If you’re looking for a world-class opportunity to come face to face with sharks while diving, you're in the right place! We run morning 3-tank Shark trips daily to give you the opportunity dive with different species of sharks in their natural environment.

Our experienced shark handlers will bring the sharks in to give you an up close encounter with these amazing animals.


If you're not certified to dive or just rather stay on the surface, we offer daily afternoon snorkel trips to swim with our beautiful sharks.  

On our snorkel trips we will bring the sharks right to the surface and get you in the water for a first-class shark experience. Our shark handler will be in the water with you to ensure that you'll get the most amazing shark snorkeling experience possible.

To book a trip or for more information don't hesitate to give us a call at (561) 247-1119 or send us an email at so we can answer all your questions and get you in the water with these amazing animals. 


what we offer

shark diving


3-tank shark dive 

$130 plus Tax

shark snorkeling


shark snorkel trip

$195 plus Tax

reef/wreck diving

Morning or afternoon

2-tank reefs/wrecks dive

Groups only

Call for info

spearfishing trips

Morning or afternoon

2 or 3-tank hunting trip 

Groups only

Call for info

Lobster mini season

Lobster mini-season morning 3-tank and afternoon 2-tank dive

3-tank  $130 plus Tax

2-tank  $105 plus Tax

salty gear

Salty Divers shirts and more!

Starting at $5

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