Scuba Trips in Jupiter

Florida's East Coast is home to a large variety of marine life such as coral reefs, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, mantas, and hundreds of species of fish. This vast diversity and tropical weather makes Florida ideal for year round diving.

Every dive site in Jupiter is a drift dive. SMB is required.

Our Baited Shark dives are by far the most popular, however, we also offers the following upon request:

  • Reefs & Wrecks

  • Spearfishing/Lobstering

  • Night Dives

  • Tech Dives

General Scuba Diving with Salty Divers

Our morning trips leave at 8 AM and we request guests arrive no later than 7:30 AM. We will assist you in transporting your gear from your vehicle to the boat and arrange it on the boat. Our Dive Master will give an in depth safety briefing about the dive site, shark interaction (if you've booked a shark dive), and planned entry/exit protocols along with estimated dive time.

Shark Dives

We welcome all divers with advanced certification and Nitrox certification on our shark trips. We will explain proper behavior while around sharks to ensure all divers are comfortable prior to entering the water. Shark diving requires specific gear so please be equipped with black hoods, gloves, and wetsuits. Salty Divers has hoods and gloves available on the boat if you forget yours. You will have a Dive Master in the water the entire dive. The main rule of shark diving is do not touch or reach out to the sharks. Sharks are still wild animals and must be treated with respect. 

Reef/Wreck diving

Our reef and wreck dives can vary from 60ft to 120ft. Our trips are guided by  our Dive Master at all times and your Dive Master will always be in the water with you carrying the float.



Our spearfishing / lobstering trips are on the local reefs and wrecks which are 60ft- 120ft deep. We will have a Dive Master in the water guiding the reef throughout the entire dive. These are recommended as scuba trips. We require you to supply your own gear such as gun/snare and bag. Please read up on local spearfishing/lobstering regulations before the time of your trip. We are happy to answer any questions about regulations by phone or email.

Night Dives

Our night dives can be on a reef or a wreck between 60ft - 90ft deep. We require you to have 2 flashlights. Glow sticks are provided on board Salty Too. 

Tech Dives

Our tech dives require Tech Certification to be presented at the time of boarding the vessel. Tech dives range from 90ft - 230ft and are all drift dives. We offer reef and wreck dives. Our deepest dive is a 230ft wreck that is quite popular. We require that all tech divers have a large safety sausage w/ reel and proper tech equipment. We do not supply any of the necessary dive equipment for a tech dive.