Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my own gear?

Yes, each individual is required to provide their gear, including a wetsuit, a hood, gloves, and booties, as well a dive computer and surface marker buoy. However, we do provide tank rentals of either aluminum 80s or steel (variety of sizes in HP/LP). - NO BRIGHT COLORS (No pink, white, orange or yellow) - (( NO Light Gray Gloves))

I'm visiting from out of town and do not have my own gear. Where should I go for gear rentals?
For gear rentals, we refer all of our customers to Scuba Works located at 351 South US Hwy 1 #103, Jupiter, FL (approximately a 5 minute drive south of the marina). It is advised to set up gear rentals the day prior to your trip to avoid any conflict with their hours of operation and your trips departure time.  Click here to access their website. 


What are the onboard amenities?

Salty Too, is our 30-foot Island Hopper is quite spacious and comfortable as we limit our trips to a max of 8 divers on 3-tank dives, 10 divers on 2-tank dives and up to 14 snorkelers. We provide weights, snacks, and a variety of beverages. Lunch is provided on 3-tank dive trips only.


What time should I arrive?

Upon creating your reservation, you will be notified of the check in time for that particular trip (for morning trips this is 7:15am). Arriving any earlier is not necessary as the crew arrives just before check in time.


Where are you located?

Jupiter, FL

Will someone be there to help me with my gear?

Yes, a crew member will greet you in the parking lot and assist you with bringing your gear to the boat.

What is the minimum/ maximum number of divers per trip?

A minimum of 4 divers is required for a trip to run. In the event that the minimum is not filled, reservations will be fully refunded and participants notified the evening prior to the date. (Approx 6pm with our apologies)

How long is the dive trip?
The trip length is entirely dependent on the number of dives and type (sharks, reef, tech, etc.). For example, our 3-tank sharks dives depart at 8:00 a.m and arrive roughly around 2 p.m. for an approximate 6 hour trip. 


I want to book a reef/ wreck trip but do not see that option on the booking page. How do I book that specific type of trip?

At this time all trips other than shark dives must be made manually by a staff member. To book a reef/wreck, spearfishing, night, or tech trip, please call us at (561) 247-1119 or send us an email @ Trips of the day are made on a first come, first request basis.


Is it ok to tip the crew?

Absolutely. While it is not required, tipping is greatly appreciated. Our crew members work very hard to ensure your trip with us is as enjoyable as possible. - Customary Tips are $10 per dive - (on a 3-tank trip the customary tip would be $30)

Do you offer a special rate for bubble watchers (non diver guests)?
Yes, bubble watchers will be required to pay for a 1/2 a full priced ticket (which will depend on the type of dives done that day).
May I bring alcohol onboard?
Unfortunately, No. This is not allowed by our insurance provider.
What is your cancellation policy?
A 48-hour notice is required for a full refund.
What is your cancellation policy during a trip?
If a trip is cancelled after the vessel leaves the dock by the captain, if less the 2 dives have been completed a partial credit/refund will be offered; if 2 or more dives have been completed the no credit or refund will be offered.
What is your tank policy for cancellations due to weather during a trip?
If a trip is cancelled after the vessel leaves the dock by the captain, credit will be offered toward future tank rental on a future trip; No credits will be issued or offered for unused tanks on a fully completed trip.
What is your policy for Unlimited Diving Membership Cards?
1 year Unlimited Diving Memberships are available for Diving on Salty Divers Dive Boat - Salty Too - This includes any 3-tank or 2-tank dive trip that is available on any day not fully booked (8 divers on 3-tank dives) or fully booked private group trips. There is no expectation that trips will be run with less than 4 divers.  Trips will not be run when weather does not allow. Unlimited trip memberships do not guarantee any crew will be available during the entire term of your membership. NO REFUNDS will be issued after the first use of the Membership card. NO Refund will be issued for choosing to not used said membership. It is solely the purchasers responsibility to book trips and to verify that trips will run on the day. The Diver / Member must be on time for all scheduled trips. Purchaser agrees to all of these terms when purchasing said membership.


Shark Diving
What are the requirements for participating in shark dives?

Each diver must be advanced AND Nitrox (Enriched Air) certified.

Am I guaranteed to see sharks on the shark dives?

While there is a strong likelihood, sharks are still wild and there is no guarantee that they will come around. 


How far off shore do you go for your shark dives?

All shark dives are conducted at least 3 miles from the Florida coastline in unregulated federal waters.


Do you use cages when diving with sharks?

No, we do not use cages when diving with sharks.


What precautions are taken to ensure the safety of divers while diving with sharks?

Each diver is required to be covered head to toe, meaning they are required to wear a wetsuit, hood, and gloves. The idea is to avoid any contrasting colors that might stand out to a shark; therefore, NO BRIGHT COLORED GEAR MAY BE WORN.

What types of sharks do you normally see on shark dives?

During the summer months, a handful of the 39 pelagic species make their way to Florida’s waters. Pelagic species are migratory and are at the top of their food chain; some of the pelagic species you may see on your shark dives with us include Silky Sharks, Dusky Sharks, and Sandbar Sharks. Bull Sharks and Lemon Sharks also make an appearance year-round. Winter brings in the Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads.


Do you see great whites on your shark dives?

While it is possible to see great whites off of our coast, it is highly unlikely as sightings of great whites are quite rare.